Importance of Classical Dance

In the following article, we will be discussing an important topic that is “Importance of Classical Dance” and will discuss it in more detail within the article: Dance is a sort of vibration of our body and mind. It’s a type of worship through that a dancer can reach the Almighty. It’s a kind of Yoga. A dancer will only reach this stage through continuous training which is in other words called ‘Sadhana’.

Therefore, for people who want to learn dance, the first thing they have to do is undergo hard training from which they will learn discipline and patience which are the most important factors in a person’s life. All forms of dance are important, however, Classical Dance plays its own role. It is not only the art of quintessence of Beauty, Power but also an attraction to achieve divine power through it. Dance is a form of meditation as well as a prayer that keeps our mind peaceful. Regarding this dance academy in indirapuram are doing their work so well.

Complete Physical Fitness and get Control over the Body

The second thing is the total body movement of a dancer so that an individual has his/her complete physical fitness and get control over the body. The third thing, dance is actually a mode of expression of our innermost desires feelings. So, one can express themselves through dance. In that way, we will develop self-belief and self-confidence. The fourth thing, Indian Classical Dance is based on Puranas and mythology.

So when someone learns to dance, they are bound to know the story of Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bhagavat Geeta, Shiv Purana, immortal books of Mahakavi Kalidas, etc. In this way, they can also learn great Indian Literature. Hence their knowledge will be enhanced. Fifth thing, when someone learns Indian classical dance, they will automatically come to know about the rich cultural heritage of India.

Highest forms of Art


We always speak of culture as simplifying an all-round development of human faculties. It’s been said that science is curiosity which concerns life, philosophy is actually an attitude towards life, art is wonder at life and it is also said that religion is reverence for life. True culture includes of these four aspects and a cultured man got to show development along these four lines. Thus, it is obvious that education in aesthetics is as essential if not more than mere intellectual or physical education.

Man will never be complete or balanced or in harmony, unless his emotions are trained, developed and sublimated, and here comes the requirement for introducing art in our academic curriculum as a mandatory subject. Classical Dance is one of the highest forms of art.

There are some special features regarding Indian Classical dance that distinguish it from other dances of the world. And if the youth of the nation are to be trained to be channels for the expression of our national consciousness. The training or coaching of dance we impart to them must be truly national that is truly Indian in spirit. There is nothing to prevent an Indian from admiring or learning foreign dance, but then they must already have learned Indian dance.


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