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Drawing Lessons And A Craft For Kids

In the following, we will be discussing an important topic that is “Drawing lessons and craft for kids” and will discuss it in detail within the article. Drawing is one of the most vital activities you and your students will do.

Drawing not only provides the basis for other creative activities – such as sculpture, painting, and printmaking – but additionally also provides a direct link with writing, reading and particularly maths. Drawing is the single most accessible style of art available. All you need (to start with), is a pencil as well as a sheet of paper.

Following Are Some Drawing Lesson Ideas:

1. Op Art Shaded Shapes

Students learn about “Op Art” and then create a picture (optical illusions) that may play tricks with the eyes.

2. A Box Of Crayons

Inspired by the book “The Crayon Box That Talked“, this lesson can show kids that when we all work along, the results are far more interesting and colorful. Regarding this dance academy in Krishna Nagar are do a great work

3. About Zentangles

What is Zentangling and how will it help you teach art? A Zentangle is actually a miniature abstract work of art created by a collection of Patterns.

4. Adjective, Adjective Noun

This lesson encourages drawing skills, imagination, as well as a sense of humor. Students will also study adjectives as well as nouns.

5. Architecture Shape Collage


Let your child’s imagination run wild as she creates easy structures, huge monuments as well as pretty palaces.

6. A Drawing Adventure


Students can create drawings based on an imaginary journey or adventure. This is an excellent warm-up activity or a fifteen-minute end of class filler. It’ll get your students’ creative or innovative juices flowing!

7. A Unique Drawing Experience


Students (and the teacher) can see how with only 1 set of directions, everyone in the classroom can come up with very distinctive/unique works of abstract art. This lesson is based loosely on an exercise/activity found in “Drawing with Children”, a wonderful book written by Mona Brookes. If you don’t already own this book, think about buying is. It is really fantastic.

8. Advanced Scribble Pictures

This lesson needs planning as well as problem-solving, very similar to a mathematics problem or science experiment. Students can see that scribbles can become much more than just meaningless drawing. The drawing lessons and exercises given below are an excellent way to introduce your students to the magic of drawing.

  • Blind Contour Drawing

Contour drawing is a wonderful way to train the eye in order to draw what it really sees instead of what it thinks it sees.

  • Doodles

A free-form drawing project that deals with the elements of design – color, shape, line, type as well as texture.

  • Portrait Drawing Grid-System

Using artist Chuck close as inspiration, an art teacher can show you how to draw portraits using the grid system.

  • Patterns, Patterns, and Patterns

Using pencils, paper, markers as well as some objects from around the home and classroom, teachers as well as their students can create some fantastic patterns that may astound and also amaze.

  • Basic Shapes

This is a beautiful mini-lesson within which kids will create works of art using basic shapes.

  • Bird’s Eye View Dandelions

Students can create a bird’s eye view drawing of dandelions using paper as well as oil pastels.

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