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Dance Music Singing Instrumental And Fine Arts Classes In Gagan Vihar

Kadambari Classes In Gagan Vihar

Our main aim is to promote in them a sense of self-esteem, accomplishment, and pride. We maintain a special learning environment to providing a rich musical and rewarding experience for every student. Through music, we wishing to provide children with educational, social and great developmental opportunities.We focus mainly on the whole development of our students as a perfect performer and music composer. We give your musical career a necessary boost to reach the peak of success. Kadambari music classes in Gagan Vihar play a very important role in producing the music legends.

We provide the best music education in India. We make it clear that every student reaches their full potential and with our great help. Have very much experienced music faculty and unique music learning experience and perfect learning ambiance, we did great work.Our music department has always been eager to enroll the most dedicated music learners with an organized method of teaching in our best music classes in Delhi. Over the last decade, we have been successfully able to guide and teach various beginner musicians to be the best musicians. Join our specialized music courses for the bright future, we will guide you on the great successful journey.

Dance Forms in Gagan Vihar

1. Ballet

Ballet is referred to as the backbone of different types of dance forms. It is an interesting form of dance. The person performing ballet looks very elegant at all the required postures.

2. Bharatnatyam

Bharatnatyam is an inIndianlassical dance having an origin in India. It is known among all for its tenderness of graceful expressions and beauty of the dance steps. It is a dance form practiced by both females and males. While performing Bharatanatyam, dancers wear anklets where numerous copper bells attached.

3. Jazz Dancing

Jazz is much lively dance style that relies heavily on improvisation and originality. This style often uses dramatic, bold body movements which including body isolations and contractions. Jazz dancing has its roots in African traditions that kept alive by slaves brought to the US. Over time, this evolved into a style of street dance that soon moved into a jazz club.

4. Belly Dancing

Unlike most forms of Western dancing, belly dancing emphasizes partner choreography and complex footwork. It is basically a solo performance that focuses on the hips and torso.

5. Tap Dancing

In this, tapping dance which is created by metal plates on the dancer’s shoes in the heel and ball position. In the top dancing, dancers move on a hard surface to make different sounds. So, that they are thought to be musicians.

6. Salsa

Salsa was originated in Puerto Rico and Cuba. It is performed on basically a Latin- American music. Salsa dancing involving shifting of body weight by using the feet. In this dance forms, upper body remains straight.

7. Hip-Hop Dance

This dance is done to hip-hop music. It is basically a street dancing style. This dance has moves which are close to the ground. In Hip-Hop dance, balancing your body on your head and hands is an important part of this dance.

Musical Instrument Teach In Gagan Vihar

1. Keyboard

The keyboard is basically a musical instrument teach in Vaishali. It is extremely beneficial and requires very low maintenance. These keyboards are much capable of recreating a wide range of synthesizer tones and instrument sounds with less complex sound synthesis. They are much popular with younger and are useful for changing and recording performance. The main difference between a keyboard and piano that the sound which is produced electronically. It is much portable.

2. Piano

The piano was invented in 1700 and is used for many types of music including jazz, classical, traditional and popular. It is one of the best instrument to begin playing. It is highly instrument, wide range and great ability to change dynamics.

3. Recorder

It is the first wind instrument. Because it is cheap it seems to be treated as the best alternative such as the flute. The recorder is considered as the best instrument that is played by everyone from the absolute beginner to trained professionals.

4. Classical Guitar

It is a string instrument with anything from four to eighteen strings and normal guitar have six strings.In guitar, the sound is playing acoustically and typically played by strumming. In guitar, the strings with one hand and fretting the strings with another hand. Learning to play guitar is great for developing social skills and building much confidence.

5. Violin

Violin is a string and high pitched instrument. Typically, the violin has four strings and usually played by drawing a bow across its strings. Violins are important musical instruments used in wide variety of music genres like jazz, folk music. Learning to play violin has great benefits including improving concentration, coordination, and discipline.

Fine Arts Classes in Gagan Vihar

Beyond the qualities of self-expression, creativity, and communication, art is a type of work. Art has been from the beginning. This is what is from childhood to old age. Through art, our students greatly learn the meaning of joy of work done to the best of one’s ability, for the satisfaction of a job well done.Art is the most visible evidence of work carried to the next possible level. Today we hear much about workmanship and productivity. Both of these are strengthened each time and we much committed ourselves to the endeavor of the art. Kadambari dedicated to the idea that art is the best way for every young people to learn the great value of work.

Degree & Diploma Courses

We are directly related to Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad & Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. We offer government recognized Diploma & Degree courses.Our goal is to foster the love of music. KSM instill a great sense of discipline. This allows students to acquire great skills that are essential in the mastery of their instruments or music. With our highly qualified faculty and fully equipped facilities, we welcome students of all age group to discover their love for music and enhance their knowledge.

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