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Things You Must Do To Actually Make It In The Music Industry

Be Optimistic at Every Turn

It’s the only true survival tool you’ve got that you can control. If you actually begin with great optimism you’ll be much more resistant against the neglect that you may actually feel when 1st starting out.Trust me, this will be tested!Try to not take things too personally, as the barrier to entry in the music business is actually set to be incredibly high.There are approximately 80,000 albums released each and every year, of which Billboard as well as other associated charts report on a revolving Top 200. That’s 0.25% of the total releases every year that are moving and shaking enough to get on the radar.

Still feeling optimistic? Keep reading….

Observe Excellence and Be Excellent at Your Craft

This applies to everything you do!

It all starts with the music you really listen to. Sometimes, society can train us to lower our expectations by convincing us mediocrity is appropriate and acceptable. It is not. Excellence is at your fingertips, it simply must be understood and observed.Study carefully from your music teachers who are really well versed in music theory as well as music appreciation. Study people who are successful in music and what they have done.Listen to everything, regardless of what the genre, and try to see the beauty in everything that’s music, despite your personal preferences.The foundation you lay now along with your acceptance and understanding of these basic essentials will define who you’ll be in your own music career.

Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

People often tend to seek advice from those that have been unusually successful. It’s a natural human tendency to do so.But remember, that the best and most effective advice always comes from those people who have failed and are in fact painfully aware of their mistakes.

Form A Strong And Robust Professional Peer Group As Your Sounding Board

Family and friends are great but they’re often too biased to really give proper guidance and advice when it actually comes to your music.Music professionals tend to actually give more constructive guidance and can really set more realistic goals and expectations.

Remember: Grandma will most likely love everything you do, regardless of what, so don’t take her advice too seriously!

Know That Nobody Simply Gets Up And Just Puts On Their Famous Pants

The road to success within the music business isn’t a straight one. By the time an artist breaks into mainstream consciousness there’s always a story to tell about how and when it all happened.Unfortunately, the majority of your new fans will never experience this part of your journey. The illusion is, to the general public, that at some point you woke up, wrote a song, and put on your famous pants.Don’t let the long as well and winding path to your success really get you down, it’s completely normal!


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