5 Benefits of Dancing and Why is it Good for your Health



In this article, you will learn about 5 benefits of dancing and why is it good for your health. Dancing can provide you with the opportunity for the escape your brain needs. “It is a good counter-activity to being attached to a screen and being home.”Dancing is as much of a mental exercise as it is a physical one and it keeps the mind sharp.



1.  It Boosts Memory





If you cannot remember the last song you danced to then you need to dance more. Dancing is the best way that helps you to boost your memory, and at the same time prevents dementia as you grow older (Dementia can be described as a decline in mental ability which is critical enough to interfere with daily life. One example is memory loss). The part of the brain that controls memory is called Hippocampus.

Engaging in aerobic exercises such as dancing can reverse the volume loss in the hippocampus. Dancing also gives you a mental escape. We all require a “mental break” from time to time.


2. It Reduces Stress and Depression






Dancing lifts your spirits, relaxes your mind and gives you a certain high. People who are under depression can dance their way to better mental health. Also, these people have very few symptoms of depression. Therefore, we can say that you can dance your way to feeling better. A study found that teenage girls felt more confidence and had more positive thoughts after dancing. They reported feeling better about their health after taking part in organized dance classes that focused on enjoying the dance rather than perfection and performance.

One of the biggest factors for heart diseases is stress. Dance classes in Krishna Nagar are one of the best options to help reduce the stress level. In a recent study, it was revealed that dancing along with a partner can help to bring down the levels of stress by making you carefree and light headed.


3.  It helps to Reduce Weight





Dancing is an evident way to reduce some of that extra weight. Dance helps us to improve our stamina and burn calories away. It is said that dance burns 5 to 10 calories per minute depending on the intensity and speed. So if you are tired of jogging or running or swimming, then do the tango. Dancing makes you lose weight along with increasing your aerobic powers. Much like jogging or cycling, it can do wonders.


4. It Helps you to Balance Better





Dancing can help you balance better, and this I generally true for tango (a dance form). By this, we are not implying that you should be a tight rope walker, but generally wouldn’t it be nice if we could balance better. Doing the tango can help you to balance, and balance is what you need when you grow older. In a study, it is discovered that “The older generation is at high risk for falls, and dance can be advantageous in reducing the risk of falls because dance is just a series of balance tests.


Also compared to dancers, “athletes mostly have more knee injuries, specifically ACL injuries, and one method to prevent the knee injuries such as an ACL tear can be done by practising some specific jump training that dancers do.”The moves and routines dancers are taught require full extensions and elongated movements, which leads to “less force generated on the body.”



5. It helps to Improve your Flexibility and gives a Boost in Energy





For people who dance, becoming flexible is an asset. All those twists and turns and movements while reducing the stiffness of the body greatly contribute to its flexibility. Increasing the flexibility of the body is very significant for you, primarily when you grow older. It will help to reduce any soreness post your exercises and also ease joint pain. A study discovered that dancing as we age helps improve cognitive flexibility, known to reduce even in high-functioning older adults. Dancing improves physical performance among adults too.





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