8 Excellent Benefits of Jazz Dancing


In this article, you will learn about the 8 Excellent benefits of jazz dancing. Jazz dancing is fun and energetic, consisting of fancy footwork, unique moves, quick turns and big leaps. With flowing movements similar to ballet, jazz dancers combine quick footwork, large leaps and sharp turns in a show of grace and flexibility.


Benefits of Jazz Dancing


1. Increased Strength





One of the benefits of jazz dancing is increased strength. The energetic, full-bodied nature of jazz dance develops leg strength from the jumps, core strength from coordinating the limbs and arm strength from the floor work. You should participate in a jazz dance class and your entire body will be strengthened.


2. Increased Flexibility





As with many other dance forms, jazz also increases flexibility. Jazz dance consists of stretching sequences that will lengthen the larger muscles of the lower back and legs. The range of motion and flexibility will also be increased in the spine, hips and shoulders.


3. Increased Coordination





Challenging steps and combinations, in which the lower and upper body parallel and contrast each other in numerous ways, build increased coordination in jazz dancers. Remember the challenge to pat your tummy and rub your head at the same time? That challenge becomes simple for jazz dancers who learn complex rhythmic patterns. Additionally, with the lightning-fast steps and light-footed moves in jazz, you will be developing poise and grace and better coordination and balance in no time!


4. Increased Endurance




As discussed before, jazz dancing is very energetic! The infectious, high-energy rhythmic music and motions lead to an increase in stamina and endurance. It is easy to see how your athletic endurance will increase as you participate in a jazz class regularly.


5. Relieve Stress and Gain Focus

Dancing to fast-paced jazz music requires lots of movement and stamina on your part, but it doesn’t just work your body from the neck down. It also requires you to strengthen your mind because you will need to remember the moves as you practice and eventually perform. Dancers often quote the need to learn and remember choreography as a reason they find jazz so rewarding. Focusing on your mind allows you to relax and relieves stress.


6. Ability to Express Emotions




Dance has long been used as a form of therapy for people who suffer from depression or have gone through traumatic experiences. It allows you to channel emotions and express everything from joy to fury in a safe environment.


7. Incredible Cardio Workout




The quick-paced moves require maximum physical effort and the sequences can last for several minutes, meaning that you are occupied for a large amount of time. That much cardio will certainly get your heart racing. It will also release endorphins that come after some good physical exercise which will leave you happy and stress-free.

Jazz Challenges your body physically. All of that cardio exercise is definitely going to push the limits of how much stamina you have, and eventually, your ability to do more intense and longer sequences will improve.


8. Pushes the Boundaries of Muscle Memory




Your brain will have to challenge itself to perform each minute movement the dancing requires for every sequence. While your body is working hard to keep up with the fast-paced dancing, your mind will also be applying itself to commit the moves to memory. The amount of focus required to perform each movement in jazz will leave no room in your mind for other worries. Because of this, jazz dance is a great way to focus your thoughts and relieve stress.


Wellthis was the end of an article of 8 Excellent Benefits of Jazz Dancing. All of these moves make jazz dance fun and energetic workout! 


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