The Role And Position Of Classical Dance In Modern India

In the following, we’ll be discussing a very important topic that’s “The role and position of Classical Dance in Modern India” and will discuss it thoroughly within the article. In the process of modernization, which India has been experiencing since the beginning of the last century, almost all sociocultural spheres have got affected. This also applies to leisure activities and different arts in society. As people change their lifestyle, their tastes and likings also get changed.

In such a situation various major transformations take place in the field of creative vision or in different parts of society. Since the present study is devoted to the performing art of dance, the major changes that have appeared in this field have been studied. In the previous chapters, the situations in ancient, medieval and pre-independent India regarding dance have been discussed.

The present chapter deals with the situation in post-independent India. The main aim of this chapter is to understand the present position of classical dance in Indian society. The various aspects regarding dance-related situations have been analyzed in this chapter with the help of empirical data. Such aspects include various minor and major issues that show the recent and changing trends in society regarding the field of classical dance in India. These aspects are given below:

  • The socio-economic background of the respondents.
  • The individual interests that motivated them to learn dance.
  • Their views about classical dance.
  • Relationship between classical and popular dance.
  • Benefits of dance in personal life.
  • Present and future of classical dance and dance artists.

Some of such aspects that are related to dance in ancient India have been studied in earlier chapters of the present study. This chapter mainly deals with the present situation of classical dance in India. Get in touch with our team for the dance classes in Rohini


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