Types Of African-American And Traditional Jazz Dances

In this article, you will learn about types of African-American and traditional jazz dances. African-American dance has developed within Black American communities in everyday spaces, rather than in studios, schools or companies. 

1. Swing

This dance is nowadays used as a synonym for the jazz and swing music of the 1920s-1930s. Because of the numerous styles of Jazz music, Swing also comes in several flavors – lindy hop, Jitterbug, boogie-woogie, West Coast Swing as well as Rock and Roll.

2. Tap Dance

This extremely popular kind of dance was 1st introduced during the 1920s prohibition era in the United States (U.S). Originally created by the African slaves, tap dancing came into the mainstream/limelight with the performances of Nicholas brothers. A few short years later, tap dancing conquered Hollywood, then the entire world. For these dance classes in Delhi are doing a great work.

3. Moonwalk

This extremely famous dance move that emulates the illusion of walking backward was first performed by pop icon Michael Jackson in March of 1983, and ever since then, it gained planetary fame. No single dance move ever created managed to receive this amount of recognition as well as popularity.

4. Boogie-Woogie

This quick, as well as the energetic style of dance, became widely popular during the 1930s and also the 1940s. There are many more dance types that belong to the African-American and traditional Jazz dances category.


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