Types Of Ballroom Dances

In the following, we will be discussing an important topic that is “Types of Dances” and will discuss it in detail within the article. Ballroom dance is the name for a number of dances done in ballrooms. It usually means pairs (mostly a man and woman) dancing separately from other pairs. Following are some of the most popular dance types:

Ballroom Dance Types :


This graceful and slow 2 person dance was 1st introduced in mid-19th century and was greatly popularized by the music of the known composer Johann Strauss. Nowadays this dance represents gold standard and also it is the most famous dance of the ballrooms around the world.


Originally created in the Argentinean region of Rio de la Plata, this dance is today known by many of its variations (Argentine tango, Uruguayan tango, Finish Tango and two types of Ballroom tangos category – standard as well as American) and the fascinating sensual as well as energetic style.


This unbelievably rhythmic dance created in Latin America managed to meld together both the slow as well as very energetic movements, thus making it an instant hit among the dancers all around the world.


Samba is a famous dance and musical genre that originated from the coast of Africa and the land of Brazil. Today infectious rhythm of Samba is considered the national dance of Brazil, also its famous Brazilian Carnival gathers millions of Samba dance fans each year. There are many more dance types that belong to the ballroom dances category. For this dance classes in rohini are doing their work so well.

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