Types of Hip-Hop & Funk Dance

In this article, you will learn about types of hip hop and funk dance. The dance industry has come up with their own version of hip hop sometimes known as “jazz funk”. Dancers that had been classically trained developed this studio style to create choreography from the hip hop style performed on the street.

1. Breakdance

One of the most athletic dances in the world, Breakdance, have originally found its popularity in the Nineteen Seventies because of the street dance in New York’s Bronx. Since then it spread all around the world where it had been viewed as one of the most distinctive dance styles ever made. Usually danced solo, this dance requires talented dancers to perform the series of either choreographed or freeform dance or athletic movements alongside usually breakbeat, hip-hop or funk music.

2. Locking

Funk dance is unbelievably diverse, and one of its renowned variations is “locking”. The core gimmick of this type of hip-hop dance is to suddenly stop and hold the position (or get locked) in the middle of dance routines for a short while, and then suddenly resumes the dance. It needs full-body motion, however, most of the dance is concentrated on top 1/2 the body. Several locking dancers opt to use various acrobatic as well as physically demanding moves to augment their dance routines.

3. Popping

Very close in style with well-liked electric Boogaloo, popping is another variation of the funk-themed street dance from the 1960s and Nineteen Seventies that found popularity all around the world. The technique that dancers ought to master to properly dance popping is controlled and quick contrasting and relaxing of muscles which will create the sensation of a jerk throughout the body. This jerk is referred to as “pop” or “hit” and can be used to augment dance routines, movements and possess.


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